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Welcome to TCPA               

 Rochester Township Hall -- Room 10
 4111 11 Ave SW, Rochester MN
 Phone (507) 529-0774  Fax (507) 281-6821


    TCPA (Township Cooperative Planning Association), is a group of townships brought together to implement individual strategic land use planning and zoning in townships and issues related to it. Land use planning and zoning regulation is becoming one of the most important areas of township government and will determine the future of townships and township grass roots government. 

     TCPA was originally formed by six townships in Olmsted County, Minnesota in May of 1997 to implement these goals. TCPA has currently expanded to twelve member townships and two associate members. TCPA provides a central office and depository of information that all member township's and their elected officials may access for help.  TCPA handles all daily activity, such as applications for zoning, construction of buildings and related activities.

     The ongoing strategy is to encourage townships to complete 25 to 50 year land use plans that fit the specific need of their townships.